Hi! My name is Sam, and I'm a Social Media Creative / Art Director from Caracas, Venezuela, established in Miami, Florida.

I am a creative soul,  a music lover, a chocolate addict, a photography enthusiast and a tree drawer. I wanted to be in advertising since I was 6 years old when I fell dramatically in love with Coca Cola's commercials. So here I am, 19 years later, living in another country and working in the field of my dreams - and sometimes, nightmares, but I love it so much... 

I'm passionate about branding, advertising and design. I'm passionate about learning new things, visiting new places, taking photographs, getting lost, finding new adventures, listening to music, attending to concerts, theater plays and exhibitions. I am passionate about art, life and revolution - I'm a big fan of revolution. I plan to become the president of Venezuela one day, but while that time comes, I want to help the world become a more beautiful, harmonious place with the power of visuals and words that promote positive change.

Although I have faced many obstacles and challenges throughout this journey, I have won several recognitions for my creative efforts, including Addys, Adobe's Behance Awards, the Vance & Betty Lee Stickell Internship Award of the AAF, some Design School Awards & more. So I feel lucky and blessed to be where I am, and I want to share all the good karma I receive by doing what I do best; creating beautiful things

I'm grateful that you're here, so what are you waiting for? Go explore this site that has been put together with love and tears, - just kidding - some sleepless nights and a thousand stories.



SAMANTHA VILLAVICENCIO HERRERA                           Caracas, VE.   •   Miami, FL.       samanthavillavicencio@gmail.com