I used to be known as an "overachiever" in the school I just graduated from. There was a small group of individuals that transformed this awesome adjective into a pretty derogatory one. It is hard to keep up with being the "overachiever," hard-working soul you are when people try to turn you down because they don't care as much as you do or they just don't want to work as hard as you do. But trust me, it is 100% worth it.

As I previously mentioned, I just graduated from college -this Spring 2015. Thanks Mom, and Dad, and Grandma, and Aunt, and Uncle, and Cousins and pets! (yeah... I'm Hispanic) It was seriously the weirdest stage of my life since it was filled with good-byes, heartbreaks, amazing trips and people, not so amazing people, the economic and socio-political mess of my home country, loved ones who passed away very very far from me, new adventures and a lot of learning and growing. However, all those happenings brought me to where I am today, and I couldn't be happier and thankful for that. 

Hard-work does pay off. Struggle only makes you stronger. And if you don't make things happen, they just wont. So cheers to those hustlers, to those "overachievers" and hands-on wanderers. To those considered crazy, weird and misunderstood. The world is ours.

Dedicated to all those who laughed and cried with me all these years. I love you.