Those who know me, know how spiritual - or hippie, according to most of them - I can be.

What I can really say is that I am extremely grateful for the life I am living, the opportunities I've had & keep having, the people I've met, and many other things.

For that reason, I have teamed up with some of the craziest people I've met. People who believe that fairytales are real. People who want to live conscious lives even though it can be very hard sometimes. People who are not afraid of looking crazy, because they know they are here to do something important for the world. People who can heal other people with their words, their energy, their humor and their own hands.

And I couldn't be happier about it. 

In the past 6 months I've learned more than in 4 years of college. I have learned to get what I want using my own power. The power of believing I can have it all because I deserve it all. And this, I want to share with the world.

I invite you to join me in this journey and learn more about this team of powerful women - Lorena Coyle, Anna Bolena Meléndez, Ana María Pérez and Susana Betancourt - and see how we change the world, one step and one way at a time.